Cycling Trips Colombia

Bogota Bike Tour


Covers the main places of attraction and interest of Bogota on a bicycle with helmet and bilingual guides specialized in international tourism


Bogota is the capital of Colombia, cosmopolitan city with a wide cultural and gastronomic offer, an ideal place to buy handcrafted details place, have a delicious coffee (red), taste a salad of exotic tropical fruits, some of which certainly do not know and meet its people while you discover the most important details of the history of Colombia.


Bolivar Square where are the Congress and Senate, Palace Liévano seat of mayor of the city, the presidential Casa de Nariño, the Chorro de Quevedo where the city was founded, the National University of Colombia, and the inevitable "shuffleboard" national sport and ancient game invented by pre-Columbian indigenous peoples. These are some of the attractions you'll meet with us on a bicycle.


This is what we invite you to visit the most hidden and mysterious places of Bogota by bike.


The tours include:
Mountain bike 26'
Crash helmet
Health insurance
bilingual guide
A cup of Colombian coffee
Duration 4 hours

Departure times: 08:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Price per person: 13 USD = $ 40,000.

Visiting the city of Bogota in Colombia is possible in many different ways. We recommend you to sightseeing in Bogota and other cities in Colombia, bicycle, on a guided major attractions that often remain hidden from the inexperienced or the traditional travel agencies trip last century eyes.
Browse for instance Bogotá bike lets you discover the healthiest way possible and leaving your step zero environmental pollution, its marketplaces, its sports venues, ecological reserves or lungs of the city, centers of higher learning such as universities, research libraries.
A unique experience when visiting Bogota cycling is to take a trip or guided tour to visit its main avenues, sip coffee in Bogotá, meet its people the people who live in this cosmopolitan city of Bogota Colombia.
Do not miss when you go sightseeing in Bogota the oldest of this beautiful country national sport, it requires that you take a shuffleboard, Pre-Columbian sport of South American peoples who lived in this part of the continent and only today remains alive tradition in Bogotá Colombia.
Do not forget when visiting Bogota delicious cuisine and countless variety of exotic and erotic fruit only in Bogotá Colombia can taste. Enjoy a fruit salad in Bogota:
List of the most exotic and erotic fruits in the world in Bogotá Colombia:

Kiwi – Actinidia deliciosa
feijoa – Acca sellowiana
lulo – Solanum quitoense
mangostino – Garcinia mangostana
pitahaya – Selenicereus megalanthus,
zapote – Quararibea cordata
borojó – Borojoa patinoi
uchuva – Physalis peruviana
maracuyá – Passiflora edulis


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