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Cosmetic Surgery In Colombia

Cosmetic Surgery In Colombia

The best specialists in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of Colombia, serving the international tourist. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelids), Perfiloplastia (chin and jaw), otoplasty (ear), generally: forehead, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, neck, abdomen, chest, male and female genital organs, buttocks, arms, legs, back ...
From sending your requirement or request to Colombia, evaluation by our team of specialists best treatment, anesthesiology, criteria, recommendations and quotation of the pre surgical, hospital and surgical post services, insurance and / or policy medical care, additional medical support hospital.
All details of planning your trip to Colombia we've got you covered. Reception at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, reserve hotel near the medical center where treatment and postoperative be performed if necessary, hotel transfers - medical center - hotel for surgery and follow-up appointments.

Aesthetic breast surgery

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The best plastic surgeons in Colombia

Our travel agency offers the possibility of plastic surgery in Colombia with the greatest possible safety and security. We work directly with the best plastic surgeons in Colombia, who perform surgical medical procedures in the most modern and equipped medical facilities in the country.

Where getting plastic surgery in Colombia

You can reconstructive surgeries and / or physical aesthetic corrections made, because we know that plastic surgeries are performed by vanity ego and self-esteem, but also functionality. You can hire us from initial medical evaluation and recommendations aimed at solving your requirement surgical medical procedures, programming method according to availability of time, the reception upon arrival in Colombia, lodging, accompaniment to your inquiries and proceedings surgical medical, support in the postoperative period, transfers to follow-up visits, a former hospital care, medical insurance ..

Los mejores cirujanos plásticos de Colombia

Usted puede realizarse cirugías de reconstrucción y/o correcciones físicas estéticas, porque sabemos que las cirugías plásticas se realizan por vanidad por ego y autoestima, pero también por funcionalidad. Usted puede con nosotros contratar desde su evaluación médica inicial y recomendaciones de procedimientos médicos quirúrgicos tendientes a dar solución a su requerimiento, la programación del procedimiento según su disponibilidad de tiempo, el recibimiento a su llegada a Colombia, hospedaje, acompañamiento a sus consultas y procedimiento médico quirúrgicos, acompañamiento en el post operatorio, traslados a sus consultas de seguimiento, atención ex hospitalaria, seguros médicos ..

Donde hacerse una cirugía plástica en Colombia

Nuestra agencia de viajes le ofrece la posibilidad de realizarse cirugía plástica en Colombia con la mayor seguridad y garantías posibles. Trabajamos directamente con los mejores cirujanos plásticos de Colombia, que realizan los procedimientos médicos quirúrgicos en las más modernas y dotadas instalaciones médicas del país.